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Algarvian-HolidayRentals aim is to offer high quality privately owned villas, cottages and apartments throughout the Algarve to the growing number of discerning holidaymakers now choosing the Internet as their first booking option.   As a majority of our advertised accommodations have been visited by Algarvian-HolidayRentals, we have firsthand knowledge of all the accommodations being advertised on the site enabling us to answer all the little questions prospective holiday makers like to ask.  At Algarvian-HolidayRentals we deal with all enquiries on an individual one to one basis from start to finish, and help property owners rent out their beautiful properties resulting in offering holiday makers high quality accommodation to suit all budgets.  

At Algarvian-HolidayRentals we aim not to take over your letting business, but, work alongside other advertisers in an ever increasingly competitive market. You as owners continue to use which advertising you desire and Algarvian-HolidayRentals is an additional complimentary service to your marketing portfolio.  This way you as an owner do not miss any opportunities and, as you only pay for successful bookings, why would this not work for you?  If we let no weeks for you, you don't pay a penny! So there's absolutely no risk.

If we do let for you, we take a commission fee.  Please remember that our service includes all aspect of the client reservation, from the minute they enquire to the moment they land on your holiday home doorstep and your management team takes over.  You don't have to do a thing.

Being property owners in the Algarve that let out accommodations too, we know the letting market and know what clients require.  We have years of dealing with clients needs.

So what does Algarvian-HolidayRentals offer?

New Website Design - Firstly and most importantly the new website has been optimised to enhance our web presence and promote your accommodation details online.  Your property is submitted on a regular monthly basis by a professional company specialising in search engine optimisation using up to date SEO techniques to attract visitors to your page therefore resulting in Algarvian-HolidayRentals remaining high on the search engines.  It is not enough having a website, it is necessary to market the website to get maximum number of visitors then resulting in more bookings for owners.  This is all achieved through knowledge of up to date modern website design.

Search Facility - A new up to date search facility, thus making it easier for prospective clients to find exactly what they are looking for.

Unlimited Photos - You as owners have an unlimited number of photos advertising your property – photos more than anything else sell a property so that’s why we have let owners maximise their best selling point.

Unlimited Text – Gives you the owner to chance to describe your property in full.

Featured Listings – Being a featured advert adds greater importance and detail to your listing and will help your property stand out from the crowd.

Facebook Page – Facebook has become the new must have advertising tool.  We will also advertise and promote your property on our Facebook page.

Twitter Page – Regular updates are made on Twitter about Algarvian-HolidayRentals and the property advertised on our website.

Google Maps – Tells prospective guests exactly where your accommodation is located.

Availability Charts – Tells prospective clients if your accommodation is available and if there are any special offers.

Cost of Advertising - What will this cost me we hear you ask, the answer - NOTHING.  We will upload your accommodation and commence marketing your property immediately free of charge.

If you opt to advertise with Algarvian-HolidayRentals, your accommodation is advertised on Algarvian-HolidayRentals and other specially selected advertising websites using an unique advertising address for your property via Algarvian-HolidayRentals.

All we ask is that owners let us know what bookings you already have and keep us informed of any bookings as they are confirmed as it is always much easier to sell a property if we have up to date availability here in the office.  We do a lot of business during the evening and at weekends when clients are free to book holidays.

All sound interesting?  If so, please contact Algarvian-HolidayRentals for further information regarding our commission charges – If you would be kind enough to complete a short information request, please click HERE

Once a booking is confirmed, we take the commission from your accommodation price for bookings we handle.  We deduct the percentage from the 30% non-refundable deposit which is requested to confirm a reservation at the time of booking.  The balance is payable six weeks prior to arrival.  If a booking is made less than 6 weeks prior to arrival, the full booking fee is requested.  Having deducted our fee, we will send you the remainder of the funds along with the clients details. We can accept payment from prospective clients by credit card or debit card via PayPal or by bank transfer into a UK bank account.

As we know that your property is precious to you, and accidents do happen, we also ask for a returnable damages deposit six weeks prior to arrival from the client and hold this deposit for 14 days following their departure which gives you or your accommodation manager sufficient time to submit a damages report to us which we then forward onto the client.  If we do not hear from you or your accommodation manager within the 14 days following departure, we refund the returnable damages deposit to the client.

You are of course free to accept or decline any booking requests.

We hope you will like the new Algarvian-HolidayRentals website and that you decide to advertise your holiday accommodation on Algarvian-HolidayRentals.

Upon receipt of your request to advertise your accommodation on Algarvian-HolidayRentals, we will contact you direct for any further information we will require about your accommodation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and being able to advertise your property in the Algarve on www.Algarvian-HolidayRentals.



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